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9 Ways To Show Teachers You Appreciate Them

23/04/2018   |   Teacher Appreciation   |   0

9 Ways To Show Teachers You Appreciate Them


9 Ways to Show Teachers You Appreciate Them

As the school year draws to a close, we realize how big an impact the special teachers in our lives have on our children. After all, there are days when your child’s teacher sees him or her more hours of the waking day than you do. Great teachers leave a lasting impact on our kids and we know it! If you’re wondering how to show your child’s teacher just how much they mean to you, here are some ways to show teachers you appreciate them.

Tell Them

Too simple? People love to hear the words that they are appreciated and recognized for the sacrifices they’ve made. This includes teachers. The next time you pick your child up from school or drop them off, just take a moment and say, “Thank you” to their teacher for caring about your child, spending extra time with them, teaching them something they were struggling with, etc. Try to be as detailed as possible about what you appreciate and why. Your gratitude will be more sincere and meaningful if you take the time to detail your thankfulness.

Send a Card

Don’t just send a generic “thank you” care, take the time to outline specifically what you have seen your child’s teacher do that you appreciate. Do they take extra time with kids who struggle with their work? Are they especially in-tune with a gifted child and work hard to keep them challenged? Does a child with special needs require extra time to stay motivated and engaged? Don’t just write a generic “thank you for being a teacher.” Show them that you have really noticed their time and sacrifice.

Send Flowers

Some schools don’t allow the delivery of flowers, so you’ll need to check your school’s policy before sending. However, most people love to receive flowers. A bouquet of flowers, with a note of thanks attached, would brighten anyone’s day.

A Balloon and Candy Bouquet

While some schools won’t allow flowers, because of allergies, they may allow balloons. It may sound corny, but a “thank you” bouquet of balloons attached to a “world’s greatest teacher” mug full of candy says thank you in a megaphone kind of way.

A Gift Certificate For Spa Services

Teachers spend so much time and energy taking care of other people’s children that they have very little time to take care of themselves. Give him or her the gift of personal time with a gift certificate for nails, a facial, or massage.

Gift Cards

To be honest, gift cards of any kind would be appreciated by teachers who spend a great deal of their own money on the children in their classrooms, which leaves them with little to do anything for themselves. A gift card for a meal should include enough that they can take someone to eat with them, nobody wants to eat alone.

Give Your Child’s Teacher a Book

A book makes a lovely gift. It can be difficult to know just what kind of book someone likes, however you could ask the teacher about their personal reading habits. Or, give a gift card to a local bookstore. A book on current events, poetry, or an inspirational book may be appropriate.

A Small Gift of Appreciation

Most teachers have received enough coffee mugs to outfit their own coffee shop. Think of things your child’s teacher could use. We suggest one of our lovely beaded fashion lanyards. These beautiful lanyards are attractive and useful.

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Teacher’s Bangle Bracelet

Or, consider a teacher’s bangle bracelet. It comes in a gift box, ready to wrap or give as is.

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Whatever you decide to do; when you show your child’s teacher that you appreciate them, be sure to accompany it with a written or in person “Thank You.”

Teachers give and give of themselves and often spend a significant percentage of their paycheck on supplies our kids need in school. The very least we can do is appreciate all of their hard work as the school year draws to a close.


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